Vegan friendly beauty product

So this is my story. Turning a lifelong passion of travelling to exotic locations across the world, breathtaking beaches and being welcomed by so many tropical coastal communities that hold similar beliefs. This is my story of mycoco a vegan friendly beauty product full of 100% natural, plant based ingredients.

mycoco is a natural skincare brand for wanderlusts, beach babes, surf and coastal communities and more importantly those that hold the same beliefs in that quality skin and hair products can only be created by using 100% natural, cruelty free ingredients.

We’ve spent the best part of a year searching our fabulous planet for the finest extra virgin organic coconut oil and other tropical oils from suppliers that are passionate about sustainability and providing the highest quality of product.

We’re vegans and subscribe to a raw, plant based diet so it was very important to create a brand and vegan friendly beauty product that holds these values close to our heart and lifestyle.

Our coconut oil based body tonic is a light weight, unique hand blended fusion of virgin coconut and tropical oils containing rich sources of vitamins and minerals. Fast absorbing, it restores moisture and hydrates the skin from the second it’s applied. All natural and vegan friendly.

Inspired by our love of the tropics our nourishing body tonic hydrates and nourishes your skin, contains a rich source of essential fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants, helps to delay the appearance of wrinkles, helps to promote blood circulation, helps to prevent and target stretch marks, helps to relieve dry itchy skin, eczema and psoriasis and leaves your skin silky smooth

So where ever you are in the world, our vegan friendly beauty product can be with you.

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