Coconut Oil As A Skin Moisturiser

Coconut oil is famous across the globe as an edible oil and hair tonic as well as an excellent massage oil and moisturiser for the skin.

Uses of Coconut Oil for Skin Care:
You can use coconut oil for skin care in the following ways:

Coconut oil as a lip balm:
With regards to coconut oil as a skin moisturiser, cracks in our lips can be a source of worry. On applying chemical gels on the lips, we can easily ingest those gels accidentally despite the fact that they are somewhat toxic. It is at this point in time that coconut oil comes in as an ideal alternative. Coconut oil is able to act quickly and even if, swallowed you will only be getting additional benefits!

Coconut oil as a skin moisturiser:
There are many of us who make use of creams and lotions for moisturising our skin, face and hands. Coconut oil acts as an excellent skin moisturiser and helps you to stay free from dry and hard skin conditions.

Coconut oil is also an ideal alternative if you have hardened and cracked feet caused by the excessive cold or strenuous work, or simply by standing on your feet for long periods of time. By using Coconut oil, your feet will become softer within days on applying to the affected area.

In conclusion, using Coconut oil as a skin moisturiser:

  • Coconut oil as a skin moisturiser has medium-chain triglycerides that deeply penetrate the skin for an excellent moisturising effect without leaving you feeling greasy and oily
  • Coconut oil is able to ward off 20 percent of ultraviolet exposure, providing natural sun protection
  • Coconut oil is able to provide a protective barrier against environmental and free radial damage on your skin
  • Coconut oil’s antibacterial, anti-oxidant and antimicrobial richness make it to be an excellent anti-aging moisturiser
  • Coconut oil has lots of vitamin E to aid in the recovery of skin damage such as burns, cuts, scars, etc.

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