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  • Coconut Oil as a Body Moisturiser

    Coconut Oil as a Body Moisturiser

    During the summer season the atmosphere is humid and the intense heat leads to loss of water which can have serious impact on your health. Generally, people use artificial substances and other solutions for body moisturising but they have discovered recently that coconut oil fits the bill in an impeccable manner. To ensure that the skin is moist…

  • Coconut Oil For healthy teeth

    Coconut Oil For healthy teeth

    Coconut oil is a remarkable gift given to us that is the most natural and easiest way to help combat some deseases of our body. Several deadly diseases are being cured by the intake of coconut oil. Coconut also serves us in curing the problems of mouth and teeth by doing oil pulling with its…

  • Coconut Oil for Nail Growth

    Coconut Oil for Nail Growth

    All of us wish that our nails grow fast and strong. The nails are what are able to provide beauty to our hands. Asides from this a healthy nail growth is what is able to reflect the state of your overall health. Our nails are made up of a protein that is known as d…

  • Coconut Oil For Natural Hair Growth

    Coconut Oil For Natural Hair Growth

    Keratin is the main ingredient of your hair. We all wish to have long as well as lustrous looking natural hair and this has always been considered to be a sign of health and vitality. However, having healthy strands is maintained by a healthy diet aside from making use of the proper oil based products…

  • Vegan friendly beauty product

    So this is my story. Turning a lifelong passion of travelling to exotic locations across the world, breathtaking beaches and being welcomed by so many tropical coastal communities that hold similar beliefs. This is my story of mycoco a vegan friendly beauty product full of 100% natural, plant based ingredients.

  • Natural Coconut Body Oil

    Our natural coconut body oil tonic is a light weight, unique blend of virgin coconut and tropical oils containing rich sources of vitamins and minerals. Fast absorbing, our natural coconut body oil restores moisture and hydrates the skin from the second it’s applied. 100% natural and 100% vegan. Inspired by our love of the tropics, our natural coconut…

  • Coconut Oil and Skin Care

    Coconut Oil in the form of a cold pressed virgin oil serves as an antibiotic, moisturiser, multivitamin, anti-fungal, multi-nutrient as well as an anti-oxidant.

  • Coconut Oil As A Skin Moisturiser

    Using coconut oil as a skin moisturiser

  • Benefits of coconut oil

    There are only a few beauty products are out there for which we can say that are cure-alls. However, coconut oil is the best product as a beauty product. Here’s, why.